///Minor Remodel (Non-Substantial Alteration)

Minor Remodel (Non-Substantial Alteration)

Non-substantial plan reviews typically include smaller projects and depend on the scope of work. The following examples require remodel submission:

  • Adding to or altering an existing aquatic venue
  • Altering the equipment or structure of a public bathing, swimming facility or public spa
  • Replacing equipment with equipment that is not functionally identical to the original (results in a change in total dynamic head, different operating characteristics, etc.)
  • Replacing sections of fencing (Note: barrier remodels will require existing facilities to come into compliance with the Aquatic Facility Regulation barrier and enclosure requirements)
  • Refinishing a deck with a different surface
  • Changing interior color or adding a design to the bottom of an aquatic venue

Application and plans must be submitted to the health district before the start of the remodel work by:

  • A professional engineer registered in the state of Nevada,
  • An architect registered in the state of Nevada, or
  • A licensed contractor who holds a classification A license with an A-10 sub-classification issued by the Nevada State Contractors Board, or who is Nevada registered or licensed to practice their respective design profession as defined by the state of Nevada.

Application Specifics


  • Failure to provide completed applications and required specifications will result in a delay of the remodel process.
  • Submit applications via email to aquatic@snhd.org.
  • All fees must be paid upon receipt of invoice.
  • Payment of fees does not constitute approval of plans.
  • Remodel work must not begin until written approval is granted by the Southern Nevada Health District.

Phone: (702) 759-0572

Aquatic Health Program Offices are located at the City of Las Vegas Development Services Center


Updated on: May 27, 2020