BBQ Fixtures on Pool Decks

The addition of a BBQ grill on a pool deck will require the submission for a minor remodel permit. BBQ grills are regulated under NAC 444.280, 288, 536 (spas) as areas specifically approved for food on pool decks.

NAC 444.280, paragraph 5, states that “…Except as otherwise provided in NAC 444.288, eating, drinking and smoking within the pool enclosure are prohibited.” Paragraph 6 states “… Bringing or throwing into the water or onto walkways any objects that may in any way carry contamination, endanger safety of bathers or produce unsightliness must be prohibited.”

NAC 444.288 states that “…Food or drinks are not permitted in a public bathing or swimming facility, except in the visitor area or in areas which have been approved by the health authority for food or drinks.”

NAC 444.536 states that “…Spaces used by visitors and spectators must be separated from spaces used by bathers…Food or drink must not be permitted in the immediate area of the spa or on the deck which surrounds it.”

NAC 444.416 defines the “Wet deck area” as the “…4-foot-wide unobstructed area outside a spa’s or pool’s water perimeter, curb, diving boards, diving towers or pool sides.”

NAC 444.134 states that “… A deck may be obstructed for a distance equal to not more than 10 percent of the perimeter of the pool if:

  1. The design of the obstruction does not endanger the health or safety of persons using the pool;
  2. An unobstructed area of deck not less than 4 feet wide is provided around or through the obstruction not more than 15 feet (4.55 meters) from the edge of the pool; and
  3. Written approval for the obstruction is obtained from the health authority before construction or installation of the obstruction.
  1. The paved area of the deck must extend not less than 4 feet (1.2 meters) from both sides and rear of any diving board or its appurtenances.

Based on the language used, it is clear that the intent of the regulation is to create a separate and distinct area that would separate the “bather” area from the “spectator”, “visitor” or “food” area.

  1. The “BBQ” area must never intrude into the 4 foot wet deck area. This includes any standing or sitting area around the BBQ intended for persons attending the BBQ.
  2. The “BBQ” area cannot constitute a deck obstruction as provided for in NAC 444.134.
  3. If a “food area” (BBQ) is placed within the pool barrier, a sign with the following suggested language is required: “Glass Containers are prohibited within the Pool & Spa Areas. No Eating or Drinking within 4 feet of the Pool or Spa.”
  4. Ideally, the “BBQ” area should be placed as far from the wet deck as possible, and should ideally be in some way isolated from the main pool deck. This can be accomplished using a decorative barrier, raised deck area, deck coloring, fixed deck furniture, or some other means to create a separation between the food area and the deck area as envisioned in NAC 444.536. This should be applied to all new construction.
  5. For existing construction, follow items 1 & 2. BBQ must be for customer use only. Operator use refer to food plan review.

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Updated on: October 11, 2018