Area Lighting on Pool Decks Policy

This section provides guidance for staff, contractors and permit holders in addressing deck area lighting. NAC 444.010-546 sets the established basis for the design and construction of public bathing places. This document is not intended to replace, but only to supplement and explain, those documents.


The regulations of the State Board of Health (NAC 444.142 ) excerpted below is interpreted to mean that all pools permitted by the Health District which have underwater lighting and are intended to be open at night must have at least 10 lamp lumens (10 foot-candles) of light employed per ft2 of deck area.

While NAC 444.142(5)(a) requires the area lighting output in watts/ft2 and does not include a field-measurable value, NAC 444.142(4) equates 0.5 watts to 10 lamp lumens. As such, for deck lighting at pools which have interior pool lighting and declare their intent to be open at night, 0.6 watts/ft2 shall be the “design to” standard, with the understanding that the watts/ft2 must be delivered with sufficient fixtures and at such a height that will result in a field measurement of at least 10 lumens/ft2 (10 foot-candles) across the surface of the deck.

NAC 444.142 – Lighting.

  1. Artificial lighting must be provided for all public bathing or swimming facilities, natural bathing places, bathhouses, toilet rooms, dressing rooms, and equipment rooms that are to be used at night or that do not have adequate natural lighting.
  2. Pools designed and maintained for use at night must be equipped with lighting designed and spaced so that all parts of the pool, including the bottom, may be readily seen without glare.
  3. The lighting system for outdoor pools must be designed with sources of illumination located so as to prevent insects attracted by the lights from falling into the water.
  4. Where underwater lighting is used, not less than 0.5 watts (10 lamp lumens) must be employed per square foot (.093 square meter) of water surface area.
  5. If bathing or swimming at night is permitted and underwater lighting:
    1. Is used, area lighting must be directed toward deck areas to the extent practical and not less than 0.6 watts must be employed per square foot (.093 square meter) of deck area.
    2. Is not used, area and pool lighting must be provided and not less than 2.0 watts must be employed per square foot (.093 square meter) of deck area.
  6. The lenses of pool lights must be clear so that the inside of the light is visible during inspection.
  7. If lighting is not provided as required by this section, the operator of the facility or natural bathing place:
    1. Shall not permit any use of the facility or bathing place after dark.
    2. Shall post a sign stating “NO SWIMMING, BATHING OR OTHER USE OF FACILITY ALLOWED AFTER DARK,” in contrasting characters not less than 4 inches (10.16 centimeters) in height, near each entrance to the facility or bathing place.


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Updated on: October 11, 2018