//Qualified Operators – Aquatic Health

Qualified Operators – Aquatic Health

All Aquatic Venues must have a nationally certified Qualified Pool Operator contracted or employed to maintain operating aquatic venues. There are many entities that offer national certification. See the “Certifications and Registration” page for more information”. The qualified operator is the individual responsible for the operation and maintenance of the water systems and associated infrastructure of the aquatic facility, and is required to maintain current certification

Examples of qualified operator responsibilities include: maintaining water quality, cleaning filters, maintaining equipment, and pool appurtenances.

Aquatic Venues shall be monitored once per week during the off-season, and at least three times per week during the peak-season (or more often as necessary). Weekly visits shall be documented and recorded.

  • Aquatic Venue Maintenance Log (PDF)
  • Safety and Maintenance Inspection Checklist (PDF)

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Updated on: May 20, 2020