Inspections & Permitting

Two inspections are required for approval to operate a new food establishment. They may be conducted sequentially on the same day or on different days.

Construction and Equipment Evaluation Inspection

The evaluation is conducted first to identify construction defects and real or potential equipment problems. This is basically a “check list” inspection that can be done when all equipment is in place. A “punch list” of corrections to be made will be presented at that time, but there are no demerits given for the noted deficiencies.

In some instances the facility may still have some minor, on-going construction activity and not be completely ready to operate.

Final Inspection

The final inspection must be conducted when the facility is completely clean and ready to operate. General requirements for the final inspection include:

  • A Temporary or Final Certificate of Occupancy (except in North Las Vegas as they require the Health Final before their Building Final).
  • The person in charge must have a health card and be present during the inspection.
  • No food is to be present or stocked (except with written permission from SNHD).
  • All refrigerators must be at 41°F or colder; all freezers and hot holding equipment must be operating at proper temperatures.
  • All sinks must have hot water (minimum 100°F at hand sinks; 120°F at three-compartment sinks, preparation sinks, mop sinks, etc.).
  • Hand soap and paper towel dispensers must be mounted at all hand sinks.
  • Sanitizer and test strips must be present.
  • Required signs must be posted:
    • No smoking signs (where smoking is prohibited)
    • “Use a Clean Plate” signs (at self-service buffet lines)
    • “Raw or Undercooked” foods warning (signs or on menus)
    • Health Warning for Pregnant Women (where alcoholic beverages served)

The final inspection is conducted using the health district Food Establishment Inspection form, which assigns demerits for violations.

A final inspection failure (11 or more demerits or any un-corrected Section 1 violations) will require a re-inspection. Payment of the $239 failed plan review final inspection fee is required before re-inspection.

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Updated on: October 11, 2018