///Food Establishment Change of Permit Holder

Food Establishment Change of Permit Holder

The Southern Nevada Health District 2010 Regulations Governing the Sanitation of Food Establishments defines the Permit Holder as the entity that (A) is legally for the operation of the Food Establishment, including but not limited to the owner, the owner’s agent, or other person and (B) possesses a valid permit to operate a Food Establishment.

Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) 446.875, paragraph 5, subparagraph (a), states that “… A permit issued pursuant to this section…Is not transferable from person to person or from place to place.”

This means that once the permit holder has vacated the premises on which a permit was issued, any new business owner wishing to operate that food establishment must apply for a new permit and be granted a permit in the new permit holder’s name. It also means that the old permit holder must apply for a new permit if they wish to open the same business in a new location.

In order to assist the transition of business, the health district will allow an open and operating facility to change permit holders without interruption of business, provided:

  • An application for the new permit is submitted within 30 days of execution of the change of owner documents (deed, close of escrow, dealer’s report of sale, lease agreement, legal contract, etc.); Failure to submit the application within 30 days of execution of the change of ownership will result in assessment of additional fees.
  • The facility stays within the same general food establishment category as the previous permit;
  • The facility has not been physically altered, equipment added or removed, or menu changes that require new food handling procedures and equipment;
  • The facility has not closed for extensive renovation or other reasons. If the facility has to close, the operator must apply for a new permit.

Prospective owners are encouraged to review the records of the food establishment they are considering buying. Health district staff can also inspect prospective establishments prior to the sale with written permission from the current permit holder or property owner. A fee is charged for this service. Call (702) 759–1258 and leave a message to schedule your pre–purchase inspection.

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Updated on: May 14, 2020