Online Lab Results

Welcome to the Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD) Online Lab Results Portal. This portal makes it easy to get results from tests for certain infectious (communicable) diseases if the sample was collected at an SNHD site. By providing the information below, you are confirming you were the individual tested or the parent/guardian of that individual. For security purposes, you only have three attempts to provide the information needed to verify your identity. After three attempts, you will be directed to call for your results.

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Common questions

What does a negative result mean?
A negative result means you were probably not infected at the time your sample was collected. However, that does not mean you will not get sick, as it is possible that you were very early in your infection when the sample was collected. It is also possible you could be exposed later and then get sick. If you do get sick it is important to seek medical attention. Also, if you were provided with instructions to self-quarantine, it is still important you stay in quarantine until your quarantine period is completed.

What does a positive result mean?
A positive result means you were probably infected at the time your sample was collected. The SNHD will contact you to discuss this result with you and provide you with additional information and instructions. You should not wait to hear from us to see medical attention.

Why are my results not available?
If your results are not available, it is possible the laboratory has not yet processed your sample. Once they do, your results will be available. However, it is also possible the sample was insufficient and could not be processed, or the results could not be determined. In either case, the SNHD will contact you and arrange for another test.

I entered the right information, so why am I getting an error message?
If there is even a slight difference in what you enter here compared to what you provided at the time your sample was collected, you will not be able to access your results.

Where can I call if I have questions?

Please call (702) 759-1518 for further inquiry about online tests.

How to access your results

Please provide the information in the fields below. You must enter information exactly as you provided it at the time your sample was collected. Otherwise, you will not be able to access your results.

Results may take up to 7 days to be available in this portal. Please do not call for results until 7 days after your test date.

Results are only available for 30 days from the date your sample was collected. After that, a request for your medical records must be made to SNHD using the following instructions:


Updated on: July 1, 2020