/What is Catering?

An approved food establishment that is serving or preparing food at a location other than its permitted location for a contracted food service event.

This also includes a place of business or organization that routinely contracts with a catering food establishment to provide food items for individual sale to employees or members of that business, if the food was prepared in a commissary and transported, displayed, handled and offered for sale as specified in these regulations.

Catering food establishment does not include:

  1. Food ordered as take-out or delivery from the food establishment that prepared the food, where the food is given to the consumer for self-service, including but not limited to pizza delivery or fried chicken delivery. Food delivered by a third-party food delivery service is not exempt from these regulations.
  2. Food that is brought from home and presented pot-luck style in a place of business for consumption by the employees of that business, without payment, as long as the business does not offer the food to the public.
  3. Food that is prepared and offered for free distribution to feed the needy, whether done by a charitable organization, a private citizen, citizen group, or a business.