Test Results

Test results are only available in person. In order to ensure confidentiality, picture identification is required to receive results. Results will not be given if you don’t have a picture identification that matches the name on file.

You will follow the same procedure when arriving as you did on your first visit. Once you are inside the clinic take a number and have a seat. When called to the window, tell the clerk you are here for your results. For more information on what to expect while at the Sexual Health Clinic, visit the Clinic Tour webpage.

The paper copy of your test results is typically available within 7 days at the clinic, or you can call the clinic at (702) 759-0702 after 7 days to receive your results over the phone, with verification.

Some results can be given on the same day the test is taken. After the test, you will be asked to wait in a separate waiting room if same-day results are available.

If you have questions, contact the clinic by phone at (702) 759-0702 or by email at SexualHealth@snhd.org.

Contact Information

(702) 759-0702


Updated on:  October 12, 2018