The Nevada Revised Statute 129.060 states minors may be examined or treated for a sexually transmitted disease without the consent of a parent or guardian. All treatment, regardless of the patient’s age, is confidential and cannot be shared without signed consent.

Our counselors encourage you to discuss your sexual activity with your parents. Although it can be embarrassing, most parents want to answer questions and teach their children how to be sexually responsible. The law is on your side though — you don’t have to tell your parents until you’re ready.

Clients seeking treatment at the Sexual Health Clinic should know that the health district is required to report cases involving assault or abuse to appropriate agencies. This includes consensual sexual relationships between a person under the age of 16 and a person 18 or older.

Statutory Rape

Statutory rape laws make it illegal to have sex with a minor because of the minor’s age. In Nevada, people who are 18 or older are breaking the law if they have sex with someone who is younger than 16.

Statutory rape is a sexual offense. People convicted of statutory rape at either the gross misdemeanor or felony level are sexual offenders.

This means they will be required to register as a sexual offender for life. This type of conviction cannot be removed from a criminal record.

A parent cannot give a person under the age of 16 permission to have sex with someone 18 or older. Even when the parent approves, it is still illegal and the older person can be arrested.

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Updated on:  October 12, 2018