Healthy Start Program

The Healthy Start Program is a voluntary case management program targeted to specific ZIP codes in Clark County serving mothers and infants. Services are provided by specially trained community health nurses and health educators. Special emphasis will be placed on African American women and their families living in these ZIP codes recognizing that they are more likely to experience infant deaths.

The program provides services and supports for mothers and fathers before, during and after pregnancy to assist them in having healthy babies.

Services and support provided include information mothers can use to take care of themselves and their babies such as:

  • Health counseling
  • Parenting education
  • Nutrition and feeding counseling
  • Healthy lifestyle choices
  • Home visits

Services also include connecting families with needed community services such as:

  • Insurance enrollment assistance
  • Referrals to doctors/clinics so mothers and children can get proper medical care
  • Referrals for food assistance
  • Referrals for job training
  • Parenting programs

For more information, contact the Healthy Start Program at (702) 759-0872.

Contact Information

Phone: (702) 759-0872


Updated on:  November 28, 2018