Current Affiliation Agreements

Institution Covers Title or Contract No. Expires
Nevada State College Nursing Clinical Affiliation Agreement Aug. 23, 2020
UNLV Nursing Clinical Affiliation Agreement Dec. 15, 2020
UNLV Law Nonclinical Affiliation Agreement January 24, 2020
UNLV Community Health Sciences Educational Affiliation Agreement Dec. 17, 2019
UNLV Internal and Emergency Medicine Residents and Pulmonary Fellows Clinical and Nonclinical Affiliation June 30, 2022
UNLV Nutritional/ Dietetics Nonclinical Agreement Sep. 9, 2019
UNLV Education, M.Ed. and M.S. Students Nonclinical Agreement July 31. 2022
UNLV Medical Students Educational Affiliation Agreement Pending
UNLV School of Nursing Academic Health Department MOU Pending
UNLV Social Work Nonclinical Educational Affiliation Agreement Expires July 25, 2022
Touro NV PA, and Doctor of Osteopathy students Clinical Affiliation Agreement Feb. 28, 2022
Roseman University Nursing Clinical Affiliation Agreement Jun. 30, 2020
Chamberlain College
of Nursing
Nursing Clinical Affiliation Agreement December 10, 2018
AT Still University Dental Public Health Clinical Affiliation Agreement April 25, 2022
Walden University Nursing Clinical Affiliation Agreement May 28, 2023

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Updated on: October 8, 2018