//Masters Degree Equivalency

Masters Degree Equivalency

Experience vs. Education: Definition of “Equivalent to a Masters degree,” in the training section of the Classification Specification means a minimum of a Bachelors degree from an accredited school in one of the required or related fields as specified in the Classification Specification, with a year for year substitution of experience for education, not to exceed two years (typically a Masters Degree can be acquired in two years assuming full-time study.) Related experience is to be defined as daily tasks over a year that equals no less than 85% of the work described in the classification specification.


Minimum Requirement per Classification Specification:
Masters Degree and 3 years of experience.

Equivalent Education & Experience:
Bachelors Degree and 2 years of experience, plus the required 3 years of experience per the Classification Specification, for a total of five years of experience.

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Updated on: November 20, 2018

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