//Bachelor’s Degree Equivalency

Bachelor’s Degree Equivalency

Where a class specification requirement for a position may list “equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree…”, the following criteria will be used by the health district to determine whether candidates qualify for a position:

  • The applicant must have two years of college education towards a bachelor’s degree in one of the required fields of study. This is 60 semester hours (credits), with 32 hours in the required major area.The formula for converting quarterly credits to semester credits: number of quarterly credits multiplied by 2 then divided by 3 = semester credits (e.g. 123 *2 = 246/3 = 82 semester credits).
  • Experience may be substituted for education on a year-for-year basis to a maximum of two years. The experience must include a minimum of 85 percent (preponderance) of the duties described in the health district’s current applicable classification specification for that position.
  • If the applicant has a bachelor’s degree in a field outside the required field, 32 hours directly related to the field determined by a review of transcripts may be accepted as an equivalent.
  • All hours must be from an accredited school and the applicant/employee must provide a certified copy of a transcript.


education & experience
Bachelor’s degree
(generally 120 credits)
Associate’s degree (60 credits)
+ 2 additional years of experience
+3 years experience+ 3 years experience
Total: AA degree + 5 years experience

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Updated on: October 8, 2018

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