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Let’s Talk Turkey!

Food Safety and Healthy Eating are Serious Business

The shopping, the cooking, the traveling, the weight gain, the stress . . . the holidays!

The holidays are a time for celebrating with families and friends, and for many of us that includes marathon shopping sessions, extra time in the kitchen, and added stress to our already busy lives. The good news is a 2000 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine debunked the idea that people gain between five and 10 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day.
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Talking Turkey – and Ham, and Yams…

Food is an important part of our holiday festivities. Unfortunately, one in six people in the United States will get sick from something they eat or drink this year, and about half of those foodborne illness victims will be children under 15 years old. You can help make sure your holiday feast is both tasty and safe by following food safety guidelines for preparing, serving and storing your food.
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Skipping Clean-up Duty and Dining out This Holiday Season? What You Need to Know.

Have you decided to take a holiday from the food prep, tower of dishes, and playing host to the invasion of family and friends this season? Dining out is certainly a stress-relieving alternative. Southern Nevada ofsfers a wide variety of dining options for every palate – from those choosing to forgo the traditional holiday fare to special holiday menus for dining guests who want a more traditional meal without the requisite clean-up duty at home afterwards.
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We’re moving, November is National Diabetes Month, World AIDS Day.
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