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Heat Up Your Summer Fitness Routine

Southern Nevada's sizzling summers can put a damper on your regular workout, especially if you enjoy outdoor activities. Fortunately, there are a variety of alternatives available – indoors and outdoors – to keep you moving and active the remainder of the summer and into the warm fall months.

The Neon to Nature app can help you find biking and walking trails in the cooler parts of our community. The free, online tool provides over 1,000 miles of trails throughout the valley. Each trail listing includes information and photos, along with detailed map descriptions of the location, length and various trail amenities. The app also allows you to personalize your map to only see the trails that meet your walking, hiking, or biking specifications.

The Neon to Nature app is available for your Android device on Google Play, and for your iPhone on the Apple App Store.

If you are looking for a more sedate start to your day, set your alarm for an early morning stretch session. Yoga can be an ideal workout and is easily performed outdoors on a patio in the cooler morning hours. Yoga has been shown to increase flexibility, muscle strength and tone, balance, and relieve back and neck pain. In addition to the physical benefits the traditional practice of yoga incorporates meditation and breathing techniques that may help manage stress – leading to increased physical benefits.

Or, make your workout a wet one. There is no shortage of pools in Southern Nevada. Many local gyms offer competitive pricing, there are local community pools, and nearby lakes offer a variety of options for recreational water activities. So whether you enjoy swimming laps, a water aerobics class, or kayaking on Lake Mead, there is an opportunity to enjoy a cool, refreshing, water-related activity in our valley.

Indoor malls and shopping centers offer another alternative for the recreational walkers among us. If you are fortunate enough to work near an indoor shopping center you can take advantage of your lunch hour and lace up your sneakers for a quick trek around the mall. And once again, Southern Nevada provides us with unique opportunities – many resorts have their own shopping area, providing for both a climate controlled walking environment, and the many great people watching moments you can only experience in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Temperature Averages

If you do choose to exercise outdoors during the summer, there are precautions you should take. Avoid the hottest times of day, generally between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Early morning is the coolest time of the day, and therefore the best time to schedule a more strenuous workout like a long run.

Loose, light –colored clothing will help reflect the heat from the sun. Natural fibers, such as cotton are recommended, and specially-made work-out gear, that is designed for runners may help keep you cool. In perpetually sunny Southern Nevada, sunscreen is a must. Even on cloudy day it is possible to get sunburned and suffer sun damage to your skin.

While most people know it's important to stay hydrated, carrying extra water is also important when exercising in the Las Vegas Valley. This is an especially important rule for people who are hiking, biking, or engaging in activities that take them further away from their homes and easily accessible resources. Always start off your outdoor activities well-hydrated and make sure to replenish your fluids after you have finished you workout.

The valley's 100-plus degree summertime temperatures don't have to deter your healthy lifestyle. With a few adjustments and few precautions you can have a safe, fun, and active summer!

The Get Moving section of our website is a wealth of information, resources, and tools. Search for public parks in your neighborhood with the "Places to Play" resource, use the "Walk Around Nevada" online program to track your daily physical activity, or access one of our many partner sites.


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