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Top 10 reasons to Shop at a Farmers Market

  1. Freshly picked, in season produce is at its peak in flavor and nutrition.
    Check out the USDA’s Seasonal Produce Guide to learn what fruits and vegetables are in season.

  2. You’re supporting local farmers and the economy.
    Shopping at farmers markets helps smaller farms be successful and saves local farmland.

  3. Fresh fruit and vegetables are full of antioxidants and phytonutrients.
    What are these and why do we need them? Find the answers at What’s in Food at

  4. It’s a great way to get your children involved.
    Let them choose their own fruits and vegetables, and help prepare a meal or snack using these tips and recipes at Kids in the Kitchen.

  5. Supporting your local farmers market strengthens our community.
    You meet your local farmers, learn about locally grown food, and participate with other members of your community while stocking up on local goods.

  7. Farmers markets offer foods that align with MyPlate guidelines.
    See how the food you buy fits with the USDA’s ChooseMyPlate tool. Visit different booths to pick up a well-balanced selection of seasonal fruits and vegetables, as well as local dairy, grain and protein products for building your “healthy plate.”

  8. Vendors often have recommendations for preparing their products.
    New recipes are a great way to expand your use of fresh fruits and vegetables and incorporate them into a healthier diet.

  9. You can try new fruits and vegetables!
    Many farmers markets offer lesser know fruits and vegetables, providing a variety that can be both tasty and nutritious. Learn how to select and store rare and common fruits and vegetables with the Fruit Nutrition Database and Vegetable Nutrition Database.

  10. SNAP/EBT benefits are accepted at many farmers markets.
    More people have access to healthy fruits and vegetables as EBT (electronic benefit transfer) machines continue to get integrated into farmers markets throughout Southern Nevada. For a complete list of farmers markets that accept EBT visit the health district’s website.

  11. Farmers Markets are easy to find.
    The health district provides a list of farmers markets on its website.

(Adapted from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s, website.)


The health district offers a number of tools to help you lead a healthier lifestyle. If you would like to complement your meals with a healthier beverage download the Sugar Savvy Beverage app. This tracker tells you how much sugar is in the beverages you consume. Find out how much sugar you drink every day, every week, or every month – the results may surprise you! The app is available Apple App Store for iPhone users and Google Play for Android devices.

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