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WINTER 2014/2015

Celebrating Good Health


Healthy New Year!

New Year's resolutions are a popular tradition and usually involve an act of self-improvement or altruism on the part of the person making the resolution. Lucky for you...the month of January is chock full of holidays that will help start the year off to a healthier, happier and better – you!
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Stormtrooper with heart

It’s all about you! Healthy steps to a healthier you.

The month of February is appropriately associated with matters of the heart, but we're not just talking candy hearts and poetry-laced professions of love, it's the month we recognize as American Heart Month. It's a time to become more "heart healthy" for yourself and your loved ones. Read More

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In March, take stock of your emotional health.

Happiness is hard to define, but good emotional health is an important key to physical health. How you manage stress, cope with problems, handle difficult people or deal with day-to-day issues are keys to good emotional health. What else can help? Laughter – it really is good for you. Read More


New & Noteworthy

Check out the Neon to Nature app that helps you locate the Valley’s 600+ miles of walking paths and trails; reinvigorate your New Year’s resolution to eat better and lose weight by checking out the annual 10-in-10 Challenge; flu season is in full swing, so check out information about flu shots. Read More

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