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FALL 2013
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Rock-a-bye Baby

Pregnancy, especially a first pregnancy, is filled with excitement and the sudden realization that there’s a lot to learn in nine months, including how to provide a safe sleep environment for your new baby. Read more.

Aging Well – Fall Proof Your Home

With the long and formidable list of health issues facing seniors, there is one threat to the health and independence of older adults that often gets overlooked – falls. Falls can significantly reduce an older adult’s ability to remain self-sufficient, causing moderate to severe and even fatal injuries. Read more.

Landlord/Tenant Hotline: Resolving Issues One Call at a Time

If you’re a tenant, what are your responsibilities if there is a dispute? What if you’re the landlord? You’re both obligated to uphold your end of the bargain… complying with the rental agreement, keeping the dwelling clean and safe, maintaining the plumbing, and more. But, what if there is a dispute between the two? Read more.

A Fresh Perspective on Preparedness

The importance of having a basic disaster kit at home and the best ways to prepare for any type of emergency can't be over exaggerated, especially since it might take between 72 hours and 7 days to get help. Read more.

New & Noteworthy

Take the online food safety training at our new computer lab, get details on the new flu vaccine we offer, check out the Use Condom Sense website or find a smoke-free apartment in the latest New & Noteworthy article. Read more.

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