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Water and Your Body

Water. Acqua. Agua. Eau. Maji. Tubig. Wasser. H2O. However you say it . . . water is the building block of life. NASA is even looking for it on Mars. It’s like a magic elixir. So much so that you can die in about three to five days without it. Read more.

Swimming in It

Swimming, a popular summer pastime in our arid climate, can pose a host of health hazards. Drowning and near drowning are the risks that usually come to mind, but man-made and natural bodies of water can serve as breeding grounds for an array of germs. Read more.

Silent Submersion

When you hear laughter and splashing around the family pool on a hot day, it’s hard to imagine the fun ending in silent tragedy. Sadly young children can become submerged in a body of water without flailing or making noise, many times going unnoticed until it is too late. Deemed the silent killer, drowning, or submersion death, is the number one killer of children younger than 4 years old. Read more.

New & Noteworthy

Get the scoop on the new Cottage Food Bill, take the Soda Free Summer pledge, locate back-to-school vaccine clinics and learn how to protect friends and family from summer hazards all in the latest New & Noteworthy article. Read more.

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