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Teens: The Blunder Years

Giving teens a reason N-O-T to smoke

Just 14 years ago, Clark County’s youth smoking rate was 30.7 percent, earning our community the dubious distinction of having one of the highest rates in the nation. Programs aimed at helping teens quit or never start smoking are helping to reduce our smoking rate and improve the health of our teens. Read more.

Approaching the birds and the bees with today's teens

On a good day talking to your teenager about the weather can be difficult, so having a conversation with him or her about sex, birth control and STDs may seem nearly impossible. We've got advice, resources and classes to help you! Read more.

Immunizations aren't just for babies

The adolescent years can be just as tricky for parents as they are for teens. With health issues like sports injuries, proper nutrition, acne and good old-fashioned teenage angst, it's easy to overlook the outdated shot record. But those immunizations protect your teen well into adulthood. Read more.

New & Noteworthy

Learn about a great new tool to help you navigate our website, find out about our new Hepatitis Screening program, get information on how to prepare an emergency kit and find out where to recycle that old washing machine. Read more.

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