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Welcome to “The Perspective”

Welcome to the Southern Nevada Health District’s inaugural issue of “The Perspective,” our electronic newsletter.

Dr. Lawrence Sands

This is a first for us. As the health district began to establish social media outlets to expand our ability to provide information to our community, an electronic newsletter seemed to be an appropriate next step.

“The Perspective” is an opportunity for the health district to share the public health perspective on various topics and issues concerning our community, while at the same time shine a light on how public health works in ways many in our community do not think about. It is our intent to publish the newsletter four times a year and, because it is electronic, we can supplement regular issues in the event a pressing public health issue arises, such as identification of the 2009 H1N1 Influenza strain and its impact on our community.

In this first issue, we want to set straight some common myths about dieting, foodborne illnesses and tuberculosis from a health district point of view – what you need to know and how we work out the problems or educate the community about these topics. We hear about these myths all the time and our staff works to set the record straight about bad information on a frequent basis.

Subsequent issues will also be centered around a particular theme.

If you enjoy “The Perspective,” please forward it to your colleagues or associates. They can subscribe by visiting our website,

— Lawrence Sands, DO, MPH
Chief Health Officer

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