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Dispelling Public Health Myths

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by Chief Health Officer Lawrence Sands, DO, MPH
This is a first for us. As the health district began to establish social media outlets to expand our ability to provide information to our community, an electronic newsletter seemed to be an appropriate next step. Read more.

I need to lose weight – FAST!

Americans are obsessed about losing weight yet obesity rates continue to skyrocket. In 2009, 25.8 percent of Nevada’s adults were considered obese compared to 1995 when the rate was 13.3 percent. Read more.

Last night’s dinner made me sick – or did it?

The health district has heard most foodborne illnesses myths: it’s the last thing I ate that made me sick; I’m more likely to get sick from a restaurant; ALL gastrointestinal illnesses are foodborne illnesses. The facts, however, might surprise you. Read more.

TB? Not me.

For anyone who has been involved in a TB outbreak investigation, these words were most likely greeted with apprehension and generated more than a little anxiety. TB was once one of the world’s most dreaded diseases - today it is treatable and more importantly, it is curable. Read more.

New & Noteworthy

Learn about our new centrally located TB clinic, the new Food Establishment Resource Library and the Get Healthy Clark County's new companion website, Viva Saludable, designed for our Spanish-speaking population.Read more.

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